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Roof Maintenance: Maintaining Your Peace of Mind

Since the roof is something that protects the family member’s most precious assets and most cherished possessions, occupants, and the structure itself, homeowners don’t give their roofs much thought until there’s a problem. Today’s roofs will typically lasts 20 to 30 years, depending on many factors but proper installation is number one. However, proper maintenance is the most important factor for determining the life span and the cost of a replacement roof system when the time comes.

You may have friends that found themselves in a situation of having to deal with interior damage to their ceilings like unsightly water stains to include the potential for mold and mildew growth. We highly recommend that an inspection of the roof be done every spring and fall as well as repair and maintenance issues that may be found during these inspections to maintain your peace of mind.

It is difficult to identify any problems with the average roofing system from the ground. We don’t recommend the average try and conquer their roofs due to the dangerous heights and steep slopes to mention a few. It’s this reason homeowners should always call a professional roofing contractor like Home improvement Guyz’s to come out and inspect the roof.

During the roof inspection, attention should be paid to look for granules of the shingles on the ground, gutters, as this is a vital sign the roof is reaching the end of its life expectancy. A great time to look for roof damage is after a good storm as you may see granules on the ground where the down spouts drain. This is also a good time to find out if you have any leaks.

Not enough can be said about clean roof, as this is imperative to protecting a home’s roof. Debris on the roof can become water logged and cause rotting of the roof and it can also allow water to pond and create leaks into the interior of the home. During the inspection of the roof, check the fascia board for weathered or rotten wood. These repairs need to be addressed promptly to prevent vermin from entering the home’s roof.

It’s always a good idea is to check all areas that have been caulked for cracking as this allows water to enter the roof and run down the pipes hidden in the wall. And a leak like this can go on for years without the knowledge of the homeowners. Shingles curling or missing shingles with nails backing out indicate problems with the roof ventilation and can lead to premature failure of the plywood decking if not corrected.

Would you believe most homeowners do not understand the hazard of moss growing on their roof tops? The problem is the moss traps a lot of moisture which can be damaging to a roof system. As there are many ways to remove the moss build-up, one such way can be done with the use of some baking soda.

Early detection of leaks should always be a priority because water will damage as it seeps into ceilings and walls, and could contribute to the growth of mold and mildew which can cause health issues and can be costly to repair. Obtaining a professional roofing company like Home Improvement Guyz to do an assessment is always recommended.

The best thing is homeowners don't have to search and longer to find a professional roofing company, and build a relationship with the roofing replacement contractor and negotiate a maintenance agreement that offers an inspection of the roof in spring and fall. At the Home Improvement Guyz roofing company we offer a maintenance package that offers a inspection of the roof in the spring and the fall and the homeowners can rest assure that any potential problems will be professionally spotted, and repaired to prevent any future damage to the roof system.

Roof maintenance tips:

  • After a severe storm, inspect your roof for damage, as repeated storms can reduce the strength of the roof.
  • Inspect previous roofing repairs for signs of previous leaks or other problems to make sure those roof repairs have stayed intact.
  • Remove any loose objects and accumulated debris and any other materials that have a tendency to hold moisture, which can speed up the deterioration of the roofing materials.
  • Keep nearby trees trimmed to keep branches from rubbing against the roof and leaves from accumulating on the roof and clogging drains and gutters.
  • Do not cover wind turbines during the winter months. They are necessary to vent the humidity from the roof to prevent the growth of mold and mildew in the attic.