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Expectations of Homeowners during the Roof Replacement Process

As we know with a roof replacement or roof repair the process doesn’t always go exactly as planned. More or less damage than expected, unbearable working conditions (hot weather), and even the occasional homeowners can change what seemed to be a simple process in a just a few sentences. In order to remove some of the factors complicating the roof replacement process we will have a meeting with our homeowners and talk about what their expectations are during the roofing replacement process. Here are some of the things we they generally want to know in these discussions.


After meeting our homeowners, the first thing we will show them is our business credentials. We are always prepared to show our organization credentials, as well as insurance coverage paperwork. We already have many positive references from homeowners who can vouch for our work, and we get them in order well ahead of time. Most homeowners have already done their research about our company and or have been referred to us, and since roofing repairs and roofing replacements are large jobs that require skill and knowledge. So when projects like these that are not completed by a competent roofing contractor who is qualified to install the roofing manufacturer’s material based on their standards, could create more damage to the existing home.

Before the actual work begins in the roof replacement process, most customers like to be informed. A general outline of the whole process from beginning to end will be helpful in making the process move along smoothly for both homeowners and the roofing replacement crews. If you explain the roofing process and what will take place at the start of the day, most homeowners will be much more pleased and easier to work with once the job commences. For most Chicago roofing companies, the job outline should look similar to something like this:

  • Signing of the contract, material ordering, scheduling the production
  • Delivery of materials by truck at 8 is on the day of install
  • Arrival and introductions to foreman/workers arrival and introductions
  • Tarps are applied around property and removal of old roofing down to the decking begins
  • Assess the decking and repair any rotten wood damage
  • Roof preparations — Ice & Water Shield is applied, felt underlayment and starter shingles
  • Installation of Architectural shingles, ventilation, and other roofing system components
  • Clean-up (if not overnight)

A simple conversation with the homeowner and coffee to go over this outline will go a long way towards creating a positive relationship with homeowners and giving them peace of mind about the roofing replacement process about to take place on their home.


This should go without saying, but some need to be reminded that a professional relationship with the homeowners at all times is the most important part of the roofing replacement process. After establishing a relationship and earning the homeowners respect for you and your business, they will then also trust you with the care to their most precious belonging, their home, to carry out a professional high-quality roof replacement installation or roof repair. It is also important to make sure you and all the workers on the job are properly equipped with the right safety gear and are trained in safety procedures and take the time necessary to complete the job correctly. Small, careless mistakes are what we are trying to eliminate during the roofing replacement process because they can cost the homeowners (and in turn, the roofing company) time and money in future service calls. Ongoing training and mentoring are tools used to eliminate the possibility of mistakes by all involved in the production of the roof to completion, keeping them up to date on material, process changes, and working together to eliminate the risk of accidents.

Jobsite Cleanliness

Although clean-up is listed as the last process in the work outline, it is important for your team to realize that this is the homeowner’s home and they may not come out and say it but they expect a clean workplace before, during and after the job is completed. For all homeowners, assume this means no walking on landscaping, smoking on premises and leaving cigarette butts laying around on the grounds of the property, or making any other mess. For debris and other unavoidable messes, a dumpster is provided for homeowners work related debris and all workers will tidy up completely after the job is finished. Most roofs are completed in a day however if they take longer to complete, always take care to make sure to clean, and put extra materials away at the end of each day and ensure the house is water tight overnight.

Be Courteous

Last, however not the least, be courteous. It is important to be courteous and respectful and maintain a positive relationship throughout the building process, no matter what else may be going on in your life. Always may sure that the homeowners meet all the workers who will be present for the roof replacement build. After all the introductions have been made, the positive relationship you are building with the homeowner will reward you with a positive reference for future jobs.