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HVAC Maintenance …. Is It Really Necessary?

It’s a good idea to have a hvac maintenance contract because a regular maintenance can prevent costly repairs. Hiring a heating contractor after you have a problem is typically going to lead to a costly repair due to lack of maintenance. As a heating contractor Home improvement Guyz offers a hvac maintenance package to inspect and do maintenance on your system every fall and spring.

Property owners are continually making investments in energy savings energy efficient HVAC systems, however most do not do the proper maintenance to it after it is installed. A HVAC system is no different than the family car; it does not run on GAS only! It will require maintenance by a certified mechanic to keep it running efficiently to get the best gas mileage and performance and function properly. A HVAC system that is operating efficiently and safely is one of your home’s most important assets that will provide heating and cooling with the least amount of costly repairs if you have a proper HVAC maintenance plan in place.

Reduced Energy Bills

The amount of money property owners can save will be the force that drives most to maintain a strict HVAC maintenance plan. A typical energy saving energy efficient HVAC system that is operating efficiently, in a home that is well insulated equals less money spent on gas and electric in the heating season heating and less money spent on electricity in the cooling season. HVAC maintenance is absolutely essential in order to prevent the major repairs or HVAC replacements and to extend the life of the heating and air conditioning system.

Indoor Air Quality

A properly serviced and maintained HVAC system by a certified technician on a regular hvac maintenance schedule will ensure the HVAC system can maintain the indoor air quality for the occupants. Some of the things the occupants can do to help the indoor air quality is replace furnace filters with clean replacements every 3 months. An HVAC system filter is designed to capture dust, dander, and can harbor a lot of pathogens that not filtered could cause or worsen illness’s of the respiratory systems such as asthma or those who suffer from allergies making it uncomfortable for the occupants living in the home or occupying the building.

Life Span

The more disciplined one is about maintaining their HVAC system, the likely that the heating and cooling system will last longer, operate properly and efficiently and provide the occupants comfort because of the balanced cooling and heating being delivered to the home or building. Proper HVAC maintenance is essential to a system in order for the equipment to operate 10 years or more. With the rising cost that the average property owner has to invest to replace a complete energy efficient energy saving HVAC system, it is advisable to maintain and protect your investment by doing the HVAC maintenance.

Overall Energy Efficiency

It’s no secret that a well-maintained HVAC system will run more efficiently and save on energy consumption reducing the occupant’s monthly energy bills than as system that is poorly maintained or not maintained at all. Tests have shown that a dirty HVAC system not properly maintained will operate at 80 percent less efficiency then the same HVAC system at cooling or heating that has had HVAC maintenance on a regular basis. HVAC maintenance will allow the unit to consume less energy while in use, creating less wear and tear on the equipment in the HVAC system and costly repairs. HVAC maintenance will be minimal if these preventive actions are taken to keep the system running at peak performance.

Limited Emergency Service Calls

Most often HVAC systems have a tendency to break down at the worst times and may require a service call from a certified technician skilled in emergency HVAC repairs. When a HVAC system is well maintained they are less likely to fail when you need them most (May – October and November - March). The more disciplined the property owner is on doing regular inspections and maintenance the less likely the heating or cooling system will fail when you need it most.


If a component were to fail in the HVAC system, some warranties will not cover the defective part if regular maintenance records cannot be provided. This is another reason to do regular HVAC maintenance on your HVAC system and maintain records of maintenance. Keep a running log of all expiration dates on equipment and parts warranties and inspect these parts prior to their expiration dates and replace if necessary before warranties expire. Most components covered by the warranty will be repaired at no cost, however property owners not qualified to install these parts will have to incur labor charges for a certified technician to install in the event the property owner(s) are not able to install replacement components.

So it seems HVAC maintenance is something that should not be taken lightly. The purpose of regular HVAC maintenance checks and making the minor repairs as they come up along the way will provide property owners the peace of mind and comfort of knowing that they have a HVAC system that is less likely to fail. A well-maintained unit is likely to have less serious problems, meaning less hassle and unnecessary costs.

Here are some things you can do immediately to ensure a healthy HVAC system:

  • Buy Premium filters - The new high-efficiency pleated filters have an electrostatic charge that acts like a magnet and grabs even the tiniest of particles that carry bacteria.
  • Replace the filter at least every 3 months routinely. Depending on the number of occupants you may have to check it monthly. If the filter appears to dark in color and clogged, change it. If the property owners have pets living within the property, you will find that you may need to change the filter every month.
  • Maintain grass and weeds around outside air conditioning condenser or heat pump. Keep grass cut low and remove weeds a minimum of two feet around the outdoor equipment.
  • Inspect pipe insulation on copper refrigerant lines leading into the house. Replace the insulation if dry rotted, missing or damaged.
  • Always inspect ensure that outdoor air-conditioning units or heat pumps level on firm base pad or concrete pad.
  • During the summer months when using the air conditioning system you should pour a cup of bleach mixed with water in the air-conditioners pvc drain pipe to eliminate any mold or algae, which can clog the condensate line.
  • During the summer months you should turn off the saddle valve that supplies water to the furnaces humidifier system. In the fall months prior to turning on the heat you should replace the humidifiers filter and set the humidistat to 35% - 40% relative humidity, and turn on the saddle valve for the water supply.
  • Never allow more than 20% of a home’s registers to be closed at any given time to avoid overheating the furnace in the heating season, and freezing up the air conditioning coils in the cooling season which puts unnecessary pressure on the HVAC system.
  • Every year you should replace the battery in the carbon monoxide detector in your home.