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HVAC Repairs, and How To Avoid Them!!

With old man winter dropping temperatures into the extreme lows, homeowners across the country have been making more calls to their local hvac repair companies needing emergency service. At Home Improvement Guyz, we offer 24-hour service for all of our customers in Chicago and the surrounding suburban communities. However did you know that there are some simple things you can do yourself to improve your hvac system to that can help you avoid costly breakdowns even when you least expect it, on the most frigid days!

Schedule Regular HVAC Maintenance

When it comes to keeping your heating system work efficiently all winter long, the best you can do is schedule a hvac maintenance system inspection, once in the spring before using the air conditioning system and once during the fall before you turn your furnace on. With so many hours of use in both summer and winter, your furnace or heat pump should be looked at every year in fall to make sure it is working properly and prevent a break down any time soon. The most basic things that should be included in a heating system inspection are:

  • Check Thermostat for Fresh Batteries
  • Check and Replace Furnace Filter Every 3 Months
  • Checking Ductwork to Minimize Dust and Debris Buildup

In addition, it is recommended you change your HVAC filters every three months at very minimum. This will greatly improve the overall airflow through out your hvac system and prevent a costly major breakdown of your furnace or heat pump when you need it most. A dirty furnace filter will restrict the flow of air going through the furnace and make it over heat. The furnace has a safety device called a limit switch will shut the furnace down when it over heats, stopping the flow of heat. So it is important to monitor the condition of the filter to prevent avoidable breakdowns.

Keep your HVAC System Free of Debris

Sometimes preventing emergency repairs is as simple as keeping the space around your furnace clean so the furnace can get oxygen to keep the burners working. Keep your furnace room clear of dirt and debris, as this can block airflow and cause you to pay higher gas bills because you are not getting 100% complete combustion of the gas you are paying for. So essentially your heating dollars are going right out through the chimney!!

Pay Attention to Your Thermostat

This may be surprising, but as it turns out, many heating problems aren’t caused by the furnace or heat pump—they’re caused by a dirty thermostat with dead batteries! The newer furnaces can accumulate dust within them and ever once and a while should be blown out with a can of compressed air similar to the ones sold to clean computer keyboards. Over time household dust will collect inside the thermostat and insulate it from the actual temperature of the space, causing the hvac system to have difficulty maintaining the desired temperature set by the user on the thermostat. Then there are other times, homeowners need HVAC repairs because they adjust the thermostat temperature too often, which makes the hvac system work harder to maintain the desired temperature, causing early breakdowns that require furnace repairs as well as air conditioning repairs. To prevent these sometimes costly repairs, set the temperature of the thermostat that will be the most comfortable to you throughout the day and leave it alone.

HVAC Repair Notes

  • First, check the thermostat and see if it has accidentally been turned down or switched off.
  • Check to make sure the circuit breaker hasn’t tripped for the furnace in the homes main fuse box. If it is tripped, reset the breaker and the furnace should resume operation.

If you’ve checked all these things and you still need emergency heating repair in Chicago, contact Home Improvement Guyz today!