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Residential HVAC Systems

The hvac system of a typical Chicago residential home that is properly maintained can deliver many years of comfort and energy savings to its occupants. With every call for heating or cooling based and your thermostat settings, your hvac system is worked and expected to be ready to deliver comfort, protection and energy savings to the contents and people living in the home. The safety standards for residential home hvac systems require that furnace and air conditioning system serve and protect the home and its occupants. So in order to have a hvac system that protects the home it starts with the manufactures built in hvac equipment safety’s, materials selected, and professional installation. This should also include a plan of regular inspections, maintenance, and repairs if needed in order to maximize the life of your hvac system and to ensure its providing comfort and protecting your home from damage related to weather temperatures.


If it’s been some time since you have had your homes furnace or air conditioner system inspected, your first priority should be to have it professionally inspected by a certified technician like those employed by Home Improvement Guyz inspect, service and identify any problems. Serious problems may have already become apparent even from inside the building, such as cracks on a ceiling due to improper humidity levels, excessive dust in the home, improper comfort control (too hot or too cold). The smallest problems can even become a tell tale sign of trouble. Also if the home has unexplained mold or odors inside, this could be an indication that your air conditioner may be over sized and cooling the house too fast, satisfying the thermostat and not allowing the air conditioner system to run long enough to pull the humidity out of the homes air resulting in the household furniture fabric feeling damp. Mold will eventually form in the fabric and will worsen over time if not addressed in a timely fashion. HVAC inspections can be done by the building owner; however it always makes more sense to have a trained eye of a residential hvac contractor like Home Improvement Guyz to make sure the job is done safely and correctly.


Some of the best ways to avoid having issues with your home hvac system entirely is through routine regular hvac inspections and hvac preventive maintenance. Proper maintenance of your hvac system will not only prolong the life of a furnace or air conditioning system, it will ensure the system is working efficiently and consuming less electric and gas saving you money, lowering your monthly expenses. The frequency of inspections (spring and fall) for routine maintenance will catch any furnace, air conditioner or heat pump problems in the early stage before the problem amplifies. For this reason scheduling regular hvac inspections is an effective way to also prevent the premature replacement of your hvac system.


  • After a severe storm, inspect your air conditioning condenser for any tree limbs that may have fallen on it and are possibly binding up the fan blade before you cycle the system.
  • Inspect previous copper line repairs for signs of leaks or other problems to make sure those hvac copper line repairs have stayed intact.
  • Remove any loose objects and accumulated debris and any other materials that have a tendency to hold moisture, which speed up the deterioration of the air conditioning condenser.
  • Keep nearby grass and weeds trimmed around the outside air conditioning condenser cleared away to allow it to breathe freely when it’s operating so it can release its heat.