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HVAC Replacement, Is It Really Time …?

There are significant signs that indicate it's time to replace that old heating and cooling system you have been putting off. Or maybe you’re just tired of paying high utility bills and want to improve the performance and upgrade to a more energy efficient system to help you save your heating and cooling dollars and keep them in your pocket where they belong. It may be time to call a professional hvac contractor like the Home Improvement Guyz to help you change to a high efficiency energy saving replacement heating or air conditioning system:

If the age of your heat pump or air conditioning equipment is more than 10 years old.

With technology moving as fast as it is you should consider replacing it with a new energy efficient replacement that displays the ENERGY STAR label. When installed properly by a certified technician from Home Improvement Guyz, these energy saving high-efficiency replacements can increase your savings up to 20 percent of the average home’s heating and cooling energy bills, keeping more of your hard earned money in your pocket where it belongs.

If the age of your furnace or boiler equipment is more than 15 years old.

Again with technology moving as fast as it is, you should consider replacing your old furnace or boiler system with a energy saving high efficiency replacement that displays the ENERGY STAR label, these new furnaces typically are operating 15% more efficient than the average furnace installed in most homes with older furnace equipment. If your home has a boiler heating system, then you should consider replacing it with a energy saving, energy efficient ENERGY STAR boiler that displays the Energy Star Label, these new boilers typically are operating 5% more efficient than the average boiler installed in most homes with older boiler equipment.

If your hvac equipment starts to require frequent costly repairs and your energy bills seem to be going up each month.

The chances are that your cooling or heating equipment has become less efficient with the rising cost of energy required to heat and cool your home.

If some of your rooms in your home are either too hot or too cold and are uncomfortable.

Faulty or improper hvac equipment operation, duct problems, restricted ducts or inadequate insulation could be the cause. A routine HVAC maintenance program can help eliminate most of these problems throughout the life of your equipment and help extend the life of the hvac equipment. No different than one would expect when you have regular maintenance done to your personal car or truck.

If you have chronic dry skin and throat your home may have low humidity issues.

Faulty or poorly maintained equipment, inadequate operation of equipment, and leaky ductwork can cause the air to be too dry in the winter or too humid in the summer. This condition can make it uncomfortable for the occupants living in the home. Improperly maintained humidity in the home will also affect the structure and contents within the home. A home that is too dry with cause door and window wood trim to crack and anything else made of wood in home such as picture frames, furniture, hardwood flooring to mention a few. A home with high humidity can lead to mold and mildew growth within the home making the indoor environment of the home unhealthy leading to sickness of the occupants.

If the interior of your home is excessively dusty, no matter how much you dust.

Improperly installed leaky ductwork can pull dust and dirt particles from the air from interior walls they are installed in and from improperly maintained basements and carry them to all the rooms in your house that have ducts for heating and cooling in them. A possible solution to this problem is to have a certified technician from Home Improvement Guyz seal the ductwork system in your home.

If your heating or cooling system is excessively noisy while it’s operating.

Depending on the source of the noise you could have an undersized duct system, a restriction in the duct system or possibly a problem with the cooling coil that is used for cooling, installed in the ductwork above or below your furnace equipment.

Energy Saving Tips You Can Do Yourself:

If no one occupies the home for long periods of time throughout the day and you do not have a programmable thermostat.

  • Install a new programmable thermostat if you can or have a certified technician from Home Improvement Guyz install one and teach you the proper way to program it and use it to start reducing your energy consumption, lowering your bills while you are away at work or take short trips out of town.
  • Change the filter in your furnace every 3 months faithfully to allow the proper air floe to pass through the furnace cabinet. Clogged or dirty filter create a restriction of air making the furnace run hotter than normal which makes the safety limit switch kick in and shut down the furnace before the furnace has the opportunity to reach the desired temperature set by the user on the thermostat. During the cooling season the clogged or dirty filter restricts the amount of air going through the cooling coils making the cooling coil freeze up thus restricting all air flow and the user complaint would be no cool air coming through the vents to cool the rooms with ducts. So you can see how something as simple as not changing the filter regularly can seriously affect the function of the overall operation of the hvac system in the heating and cooling mode.